How do I qualify for solar?

We have solar consultants who take a look at your roof space, yearly energy consumption and the amount of sunlight that hits your roof to determine if solar is a good fit for your home. We then build a custom proposal to show you what your options will be. 

How much will my energy bill be reduced by?

The energy bill savings vary by customer. Many factors come in to play such as: current electric spending, how many panels we can fit on your roof and what state/federal incentives are available to you. After our analysis we can tell you down to the penny what your new bill will be!

What if I want to sell my home? 

We have a very simple process to allow a new home owner coming in to resume lease/ownership of the panels, and receive the benefits of solar energy from the moment they are in the home.

How long does it take to go solar?

Timeline can vary depending on where you live; we work with the municipality to ensure that your solar system is prepared carefully and accurately for installation. Typically it takes 1-3 months, with the actual install itself taking only ONE DAY!

What happens when the weather is poor/there is no sun?

When Solar Home Company reviews your energy usage we look at a full 12 months of usage, this allows us to build a custom system for you that will produce in a year as much as we believe you will use - taking into account some days/months there will be more sunlight than others analyzing a full year will give us an accurate projected system production. 

Are there incentives for me to sign-up family/friends?

YES YES YES! We will give you information on how you can receive $500 CASH for every family that goes solar using you as their referring customer! There is no limit to the number of folks you can refer!

How does the environment benefit by me going solar?

Every single day we are depleting our natural resources that have been our source of energy production for hundreds of years. By installing solar panels on your home you are producing your OWN HOME'S POWER using the sunlight that hits your roof - meaning the electric company has to do LESS elsewhere to power your home. 

 What tax incentives/rebates are available to me?

Our solar consultant will research the incentives and rebates specific to your area, and present you with the program/s that will provide the greatest financial benefit to your specific home.